What is the most romantic interior design? - PRO said "Arch"

We once received a question like “What is the most romantic interior design?" After seeing countless interior designs, until now, I can answer this question. "It is ARCH." The "arch" is a frequent guest of French, light luxury and other romantic design styles because of its rounded and smooth curved lines and gentle shape. Today I will present the beauty of the arch according to the space division!

Living Room

The use of arches in the public area of the living room is more diverse, and there are generally the following seven types.

Sofa backdrop. 

Using the arch in the color patchwork back wall, and then combined with the same style of carpet and the same color sofa, the whole living room is more dazzling, the romance is eager to show.

It is also possible to keep the balcony wall and sofa backdrop in line with the curved shape of the wall drawing and the combination of the built-in doorway of the balcony to achieve the unity of the overall home decoration.


TV backdrop.

White a fake arch wall design, instantly say goodbye to the monotony. Or paint the wall with arched clashing colors, with partitions, designed as bookshelves and storage shelves, which also let the wall shine.

Sofa-side storage cabinets.

If the wall is not supported to create a niche, you can also purchase a niche arch cabinet. Create an arch storage space without smashing the wall. Placed next to the sofa, with a retro floor mirror, such a romantic sense.

Locker arch open compartment design.

Storage cabinets can also be designed as an arch open compartment with multiple small arch shapes to create a French romance.


Arched glass partition.

Arch-shaped MORU glass partition to create a hidden environment, with greenery, and a natural charm encircling the whole house.

Arched fake fireplace.

Fireplace is a symbol of warmth, if you can't design a real fireplace, you can make a fake fireplace according to the space, to perceive warmth visually, arch fireplace design, with plaster line, decorative painting, to create a romantic art corner.

 Arched doorway.

Compared with the moderate doorway, the arch design is visually softer and also plays the role of extending the space.

Arches are usually available in two designs, one with a two-cornered arch; the other with a domed arch.

The use of arches can divide the space and delineate separate areas to ensure the privacy of the space, but also does not make the space appear abrupt.

▲Two-cornered Arch
Two-cornered arch will be relatively simple, with the curvature of the place with woodworking board bottom, and then the straight edge is sealed with gypsum board flat. The difficulty is to do the curvature of the two corners, the need for wood board a little bending, binding.

▲Domed Arch
The top of the dome arc is able to divide the pressure to the sides for better weight-bearing capacity. It enhances the depth of the space and also enriches the visual feeling. And it is beautiful and interesting, adding a romantic and elegant atmosphere to the space.

Double/triple doorway.

If you feel the single arch is monotonous, you can design a double doorway as if you are immersed in a romantic castle.
If the size of the household is large enough, you can also choose three doorways, with curved ceiling, to create a more artistic public space.

Dining Area

Semi-open dining and kitchen area partition.

As a semi-open kitchen, the installation of arched doors looks distinctive, with curved doorways to give a sense of fun and enhance family bonding, and with warm lighting to fill the air with romance.

Built-in design. Dining room can also design arched niches for storage, but also to create a built-in dining table, lights are displayed from the inside, with the decoration of flowers, is a romantic dining environment.

 Arched outdoor window.

The dining and kitchen area can also be designed with arched outdoor windows, with sunlight pouring into the space, whether dining or cooking, you are enjoying the beauty and romance of life.



Arched inset design.

The bedroom has a built-in arch shape on the wall to meet the office study or makeup, storage and other functions. Both to have high aesthetics, but also to meet functional practicality. For girls, having a wonderful makeup area is romantic in itself!

Walk-in checkroom doorway design.

The master bedroom is connected to the checkroom, you can use the arched doorway + cloth curtain to separate the checkroom and the bedroom to make the space more elegant.

Bedroom balcony doorway partition.

Let the outdoor window and doorway are made into arch design, the sense of extension will be stronger, and the arch design can eliminate the stiffness of the door frame lines and make the interior decoration style more warm and soft.


Changing shoes and bags area.

The entrance is made into an arch, often used for changing shoes and bags area, embedded shoe cabinet with arc, the inner side of the original wood color, reducing the pure white cabinet door single vision, the overall more than one degree of design, increasing the warmth of the entry.

Arched niche design.

If the entrance space is sufficient, you can also design arched storage space at the extension, partition + large arched niche combination, making extra points to appearance!

Full body mirror.

Let the outdoor window and doorway are made into arch design, the sense of extension will be stronger, and the arch design can eliminate the stiffness of the door frame lines and make the interior decoration style more warm and soft.

Arched door design.

Through the foyer behind the entrance, arched doors can be installed to add interest in the space and enrich the form of the space.

Glass + arched combination.

Terrazzo sunken entrance design with curved glass door.

Arched + cement design.

For large households, the entrance area is larger and can be designed with more shapes. Netflix micro cement creates a sexually cool style and seamless space with arch elements, full of a sense of premium.

Entryway storage room.

Some house types, the entrance will be an extra storage space, if the door is used to cover, hard, no sense of family, can be designed into an arc, with soft furnishings, to create a harmonious small space.


Arch + mirror.

The doorway and mirror are designed in the shape of an arch, which is a model to improve the value of the restroom, especially the mirror around the light band on, the romantic make-up space will be created successfully!

Large and small arch design.

Washroom walls can also be designed to be more daring, can be the size of the transparent doorway to improve the washroom light, this is more suitable for dark bathroom. Or small arches to create niches, with latex paint and greenery, used to decorate the wall.

Arched doorway + glass tiles.

The glass block itself is a special element, and it can also realize the function of light transmission. Matching with the archway, it makes the restroom a beautiful scenery as well.