The 15 most overlooked details when decorating home-check if you forget

When decorating home, many people tend to pay more attention to the overall layout of the space, but easily overlook many details. In fact, these details are the key point to boosting the level of happiness. Today I'm going to share with you some of the unmissable decoration details that will make your home more comfortable.

1. Shoe changing stool with storage function / Folding shoe changing stool.

If the family has elderly people and children, I suggest that it is best to install a shoe changing stool in the shoe cabinet or entrance cabinet. With the storage function of the shoe change stool, not only easy and convenient to change shoes, but the following can also place a few more pairs of shoes. If the entrance space is really small, you can take the next best thing and choose a folding shoe-changing stool.

2. Install a master switch of the whole house.

For homeowners who often forget to turn off the lights when they go out, I suggest installing a whole-house master switch at the entrance, which can turn off the lights with a single key, quickly and conveniently. However, be careful to separate the circuits for appliances that need to be kept on all year round, such as refrigerators and sterilizers, from those for lights to avoid other extra hassles.

3. Large silent single kitchen sink.

The sink is the most frequently used zone in the kitchen, which is used for washing dishes and cleaning kitchen utensils. To reduce the impact of noisy sounds, I recommend installing a wide silent sink when decorating the kitchen, with a silent design that puts the cook in a more relaxed mood.

4、Cabinet corners

The corners of cabinets are often thought of as useless space, but in fact, they can be planned to improve their utilisation. For example, a beveled cut on the side of the cabinet can be designed to increase the utilisation of the worktop.

If storage needs are high, corner pull-outs can also be designed in the kitchen corners to increase storage capacity.

5、Custom gap cabinets

Some families are likely to put their fridge in the kitchen, and there is often a gap between the cabinets and the fridge that is not too wide or too narrow, so you can make the most of the space by customising the gap cabinets to the width of the gap.

6. Countertop water barrier

A water barrier on the edge of the countertop prevents water from flowing onto the floor and keeps it clean.


7、Dining sideboard reserved for bar area

The overall footprint of the sideboard is around 1-2 m², and the storage needs of the general family can be covered. If you want to improve the practicality of the sideboard, you can combine it with a bar area. The depth of the sideboard can be around 30-40 cm, and if there is a hanging cabinet above, the distance between the bar area and the hanging cabinet should be left at least 50 cm.

Embed the refrigerator in the dining sideboard is also a choice for many families. Need to consider the problem of heat dissipation, the refrigerator and dining sideboard as long as to stay 5 cm distance, and the top reserved about 15 cm to prevent the leakage of electricity.

8. Water tap extender

The bathroom taps were found to be too short, so that the water splashes easily onto the worktop when washing up, and mould grows around the worktop over time. If you have this problem, you can install an extender on the original tap, which is lighter and less prone to splashing when washing, and can also be rotated, making it easier to rinse the corner of the basin.

9. Apply a waterproof coating to the water area. 

Limescale residue on walls is a common problem in bathrooms. To reduce this problem, hydrophobic spray can be applied to water areas such as shower glass, shower walls and floors, stainless steel showerheads and taps. The surface of the sprayed area is less likely to hang on to water, reducing the difficulty of cleaning. The hydrophobic spray has a shelf life of 2 years, and it is easy to use that can be handled by yourself by following the instructions closely.

▲ (left) before spraying vs (right) after spraying

10、Planning an area for worn clothes

Some clothes are worn once and obviously don't fit back in the wardrobe with other clean clothes. But if you fold them up, they will look crumpled, so you need a separate space to store them. You can choose a hanging rod, which is fixed through the ceiling, so that there are no dead corners underneath and it's easy to clean.

If the end of the bed are low cabinets, you can add a hanging rod to the space above the low cabinets to make a hanging area for clothes.

11. Install silent door locks

Especially if you get up late at night, the sound of the door lock closing can be harsh. For lighter sleeping families, a silent door lock can be your best choice.

12、Double slope design of the ground

In order to do wet and dry separation, usually the bathroom will choose a glass shower + ground water barrier design, but the existence of the shower room will compress the bathroom space, the water barrier to hide dirt, but also easy to stumble.

In small bathrooms, you can consider a double slope design for the floor, without a water barrier, and a small slope design at the junction of the shower area and the dry area, with its own height difference to ensure that the water does not spread to the dry area when bathing, and there are no hygiene dead ends, so it is easy to clean.

13、Reserve wall mounted washing machine space

It is very convenient for washing small items of clothing, and families with children are advised to reserve a wall-mounted washing machine when decorating, so that even if the children grow up in the future, it can be used to clean underwear specifically, and can also be used to clean silk clothing, with a high temperature sterilization effect is also very good!


14. Wall row instead of floor row

The exposed pipes in the bathroom do affect the overall appearance, and I suggest changing the sink and toilet downpipes to wall drainage, with no pipe on the floor which can be cleaned easily. If the main drainage pipe happens to be on this side of the toilet, then the change is relatively simple. Seal off the original drain and connect the toilet or basin drain to the main drain. 


If the main drain is on the opposite side of the wall then the toilet needs to be moved in its entirety, with the option of using a displacement pipe. Choose to use a displacement pipe to move the drain to the wall and build a false wall to complete the design of the floor to wall drain.

16. Additional protection in the bathroom

The bathroom has water all year round, so special attention should be paid to anti-slip when bathing, and I recommend choosing non-slip floor tiles when decorating. For families with elderly people, it is essential to add seats and handrails to the bathroom, which may seem insignificant but can greatly reduce the possibility of slips and falls.